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Living @ Ease works with a network of physicians and other healthcare professionals who provide care to more than 225,000 individuals. These individuals are covered by a variety of healthcare insurance programs and private sector service programs.

Living @ Ease consists of a large nationwide professional healthcare team of nurses, social workers, counselors, and other healthcare professional workers. Our healthcare team services are intended to meet the needs of members with an acute, chronic, and/or multiple morbid illnesses.

We strive to help our clients maintain a safe environment by helping our clients and their families take on an active role with their healthcare management.

Our healthcare team services include:

  • Making assessment visits with the clients while in the hospitals, skilled nursing/rehab and assisted living facilities, and in their homes.          
  • Providing care team management, leadership, and coordination.
  • Coordinating clients care within or throughout continuums of care.
  • Collaborating with the entire health care team to achieve the goals and expected outcomes for the clients.
  • Working closely with health insurers and other types of payers to oversee plan benefits for the clients.

Our clients/family are assisted with goal(s) settings that are supportive of a safe environment that can be create and maintained long-term. Our main outcome goal of service is to create an easy well being of living for the clients that we serve.